What Is Your Reputation Worth To You?

In the modern age, more consumers research products and services online for reviews and social proof before making a decision. In order to attract more of these consumers than your competition, you must first have a system in place to request feedback from existing customers and then to manage and respond to their reviews.

Our service allows businesses to do just that, broken down into 3 main functions:

Reach Customers
with a few clicks

Request online reviews from your customer direct to their mobile phone

We will reach out to your customers with a personalised Feedback Request via Email and/or SMS. Our platform will follow up with your customers and request feedback on your behalf. Designed for mobile use we gather feedback directly from your customer at the earliest opportunity, Positive feedback can be promoted while negative feedback is ring fenced allowing you time to rectify the situation before the review is published.

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Monitoring of
3rd party review sites

We monitor key review sites and notify you of feedback.

When Positive Reviews are discovered on any of the Monitored Review Sites, they are published on your dedicated review site. Your 5-star Customer Experience gets immediate exposure.

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